Monday, February 4, 2013

Wazee Union's "Lucky Dog" Benefit and Art Show

Eleven amazing local and national artists donated their time and energy to help support the cause to help homeless animals find a forever home.  Each design was made for this one night event to help raise money.

Gig Poster Artists are:

Jax Quackenbush (Wazee Union Denver)

Joe King (Easthampton, MA)

Jessie McNally (Minneapolis MN)

Lizzie Mara (Denver)

Liz Harper (St Paul MN)

Larry Hubbell (Wazee Union Denver)

Justin Maies (Wazee Union Denver)

Valerie Caldwell (Lexington, KY)

Nick Hill (Wazee Union Denver)

Jennifer Stock (Denver)

SuperFluent Design (Wazee Union Denver)

Example of one of the designs for the show.

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